¿Éres un wine snob o un wine geek ?

En el fragor de una nueva batalla dialéctica y twitera, uno de mis seguidores , Ricardo Sellers @mkalicante , colgó este artículo de la revista Forbes, de abril de 2013, y que me parece simplemente fantástico y de fino humor británico; creo que todos los que amamos el vino como meros hedonistas , enopatas o enochalados compulsivos , nos vemos en la disyuntiva de si somos mas de un lado, o mas del otro,  ya que me parece imposible que nadie de nosotros esté al 100% en un único estante, rozando la ansiada perfección.

El artículo está firmado por Katie Kelly Bell @katiebell3 y lo hago constar ; espero paséis con esta encuesta el mismo buen rato que yo, y que me colguéis en comentarios, si sóis unos frikies, unos snobs o unos geeks del vino, siempre con una sonrisa; añado la mía en aquellas que asumo.


¿Éres un wine snob o un wine geek ?

Fact: there are significant differences between the Wine Snob and the Wine Geek. Geeks are passionate about everything from soil composition to fermentation techniques; they care about wild yeast and canopy management and are able to wax poetic about the pros and cons of micro-oxygenation. They also love the excitement of the unknown, the taste opportunity in a new wine.

Wine Snobs are more enamored with their own wine fabulousness, interested in making grand pronouncements about which wines they own, how big the bottles are and how much more they know about wine than the rest of the peasants. In essence, Wine Geeks are hungry for knowledge, invigorated by the endless supply of new learning that wine drinking brings whereas Wine Snobs prefer to lord their knowledge over the rest of us. A gut check on your wine personality is always a good thing: wine is about enjoyment, if it starts becoming a contest, well, then you’re missing out.


You Might be a Wine Snob if:

  • You have no idea what anyone else thinks about the wines at the end of a wine dinner.

  • You believe using improper glassware to be a criminal offense and would never consider drinking wine from a tumbler. 🙂

  • You find everyone else’s opinions on wine to be insufferably boring.

  • You prefer not to socialize with people who drink beer or other ‘pedestrian’ beverages. 😉

  • You never ask questions about the wine, because you know it all anyway.

  • Your spouse disappears when you start talking about wine. 😉

  • Your dog disappears when you start taking about wine. 😉

  • You have no friends, only wine bottles. 😉

You Might be a Wine Geek if:

  • You select a wine in a restaurant because you’ve never heard of it before. 🙂

  • You know the difference between silt, clay and loam. 

  • You read wine blogs (thank you). 😉

  • You examine wine closures because they are fascinating. 😉

  • You have more questions at the end of a wine dinner. 😉

  • Your wine retailer is a personal friend.

  • You have friends, lots of ‘em, because you are always opening and sharing unusual new wines. 😉

Katie Kelly Bell para Forbes.com



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